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Why so serious? ke ke ke ke ke July 19, 2008

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I totally forgot I promised Mr X to watch The Dark Knight – and went to watch with some other friends.  So he gave me so much shit for it.  Told him to watch with one of this many ‘sexy and gorgeous admirers’.  I suggested Ms Y.  But he told me, Ms Y did not know who Batman was – she grew up with Doraemon and Sin Chan, so no point watching with her.  Cannot be kua?????  (Maybe just an excuse to get me to watch with him…HA HA HA).    ( NOTE: I have not named Mr X cause he complains I always put him in a bad light in my blog posts)


Thinking it was unbelievable not to know who Batman is I related this to Kev.  That #*($#* retorted, ‘Well, you also asked people before what is Robotech Macross before wat! Why someone cannot not know who is Batman?’.  But we all grew up with Superman, Spiderman and Batman right?  Ok how many of you actually know what Robotech is?


OK cut the crap.


The Dark Knight is unbelievably fantastic.  I was sitting on the egde of my seat throughout the movie.  Heath Ledger definitely outshone Christian Bale as the Joker.  Two thumbs up for The Joker.  I must say, it has to be one of his best roles ever (although I did not watch Brokeback mountain).  Such a pity……


A truly engaging movie!!!!