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Who’s Who Page February 29, 2008

I am not an entertainer, I am not a famous comedian, I am not a celebrity, I am not a politician, I am not royalty.  So who am I?  I’m infamous for my chatter-chatter nonsense talks, following dramas religiously, and crazy love for Bert and recently single.  I come from a world where ppl think almost touching 50kg is fat for 5ft 3 or perhaps worst, obese!  I love Bert from Sesame Street.  I collect Bert (puppets, dolls, figurines….etc) and my favourite is one that was given to me by my dad when I was 7.  Don’t have many friends and these are some of the good people I’ve known along the way and would sometimes be mentioned in the blog.  This list goes on….

(Last Updated July 12, 2008 )

Jennifer & Silvia – Both of my bestest buds since primary school.  One is in HK and the latter in UK earning their big bucks, leaving the poor ‘church mouse’ me in KL.  Hardly ever see both of them nowadays. 

Soo Yin – Hello Kitty lover, gym fanatic, my gossip ‘kaki’ when we’re both sickeningly bored in the office. Oh and she has this thing for buffed men and divers.  Thank got we don’t have the same taste in men.

Angeline – Bags, Shoes, Designer labels and keep em coming.  This probably has got to be her motto in life!  Loves to buy me instant macaroni from Hong Kong, where she works.

Juliet a.k.a mama- My mama, first to get married among the whole lot of us.  Has two ‘char siew kids’ – me and anttyk.  Lurves Ian deep deep.  Currently working in Singapore and can’t wait to get her ass back to KL to be with hubby.

Laura a.k.a La la – Loves to Party, drink champagne and shake shake jiggle jiggle.  The information feeder to the information broadcaster (ME!!).  Recently engaged to Mr Heong.  Used to love to curse ‘ma ge lou’ and ‘ma ge putt’.

Sue Ann a.k.a susu- Makes up the final of my four ‘jee mui’s during the Deloitte days.  Loves to sing, good at it and is god-mother to Bert.  Damn fickle minded and makes really spontaneous overseas trips.

Anthony a.k.a anttyk (anttyk@wordpress.com)- Boring, boring, boring.  Loves to drink with a dude called C. Lengus.  Facebook Scrabulous addict but he’s a whiz at it.  Never once won him.  Has an obsession for cicak’s and my constant ‘teasing-bag’. 

Max- Shakin’ that ass…shaking that bod…my Sifu during my Deloitte days & has a habit of shaking his whole body when seated (Such unrefined male species..tsk tsk).  Almost could have made it to become Mr Deloitte if not for his height .  Currently in Sydney making his new female conquests there 🙂  Sings well too.

Sean- Klang gangster girl, who’s now in Shanghai learning Chinese (and can now proudly claim she can write a decent letter and 50 chinese characters), probably to conquer Klang and recruit more gangsters upon her return with her skilled Chinese.  A true kaki botol. 

Jack- Newly married, and a pure entertainer.  Used to be Soo Jin’s side kick, just like Bert and Ernie.

Soo Jin – soo jin is pissed because I only added him in my list today, 29/2/08.  Threatened to end our friendship.  But they say save the best for last mah!  We’re lovers loggerheads at work and he never calls me by my name.  It’s alwasy square face (looks so square meh?) or fish (小鱼/愉).  Until now when word got out about the square face, I have ppl even associating me with SpongeBob.  Beware of Karma, Horse Face!

Shaun Lim aka alcoholic – Drinking kaki those days.  I have stopped, but obviously he hasn’t! I cannot keep track of his whereabouts and phone numbers.  Singapore, JB, Batu Pahat?…. 

Wely – We’re gonna celebrate our 10 yrs anniversary of friendship this year (2008)! Bottoms up.  See him only like once max thrice a year but he’s my phone buddy during my crawls home after work daily. And has this thing about me being fat….skinny arse!

Kevin – Every girl’s best friend.  He’s too nice to be true but wonder why he’s still unattached.  ‘Yes’ man.  Ask him anything, ‘What do you want to eat?’, ‘Nice ah the food?’.  His answer is always one word, ‘Okla or anythingla’. 

KC aka Big Eyed Boy – Ex-colleague, super big goldfish eyes, has a lovely girlfriend – Lily.  The only one who could not make it up Mount KK in the trip which I missed out in July 2007.

VirLau – Current colleague based in HK, loves to bitch too about almost anything and everything that gets in her way to a point its hilarious! Mental note in 2008 – to meet her more often in HK for ‘yum yum’ and shopping sessions…

Jimmy – my ex boss, gets excited quickly – and talks really loudly then, loves the finer things in life.  Very available.  Proven true he only loves the finer things – we went to the local mamak the other night and he was the only one who got a stomach upset the other day.  I think better stick to El Cerdo’s …ha ha

Nick a.k.a snail brain- also a Loong (yeah, sadly we’re related).  This ahem ‘poor’ uni student, graduating end of this year gets his satisfaction in life by drinking, annoying me and calling me spongy Bob.  My uncle is a year younger and apparently can even make chilling at home sound happening.

D.C a.k.a Yellow Chimpanzee –  Whoa his antenna is much stronger than mine!  Likes to bitch about almost everything.  Can get first hand news from him.  Falls sick the next day after every happy hour.

Tracy – CB girl – a nick name only known to both of us! Ha ha.  Used to party with her and bunk on the same bed chit chatting till dawn those Melbourne days.  Her laughter is infectious.  Hear it to believe it!

George(y) (Porgy) – The schoolmate turned boyfriend turned ex turned good buddies.  Lives in a make believe world like me.  We like to believe that he is Godfather to my 20 year old Bert and in our world, Bert talks, plays basketball, extorts money from him, drinks……and all other vices, you name it, Bert likes to do it!  Is critical to almost everything…


8 Responses to “Who’s Who Page”

  1. Sean Says:

    i demand a re-write of my who’s who…why do i get to be (falsely) called an alcoholic gangster????

  2. siaoyue Says:

    Falsely..hmm…u yourself know best lor..woohooooo

  3. Kevin Says:

    so Sean.. if you were an alcoholic gangster, would you actually admit to it?

  4. i think fish reckon everyone is a boozehead. i am never an alcoholic too but she potraying me as one.. obviously there seem to be a trend of false accusation here. fish, pls respond.

  5. siaoyue Says:

    shaun not alcoholic: look who’s talking ok! remember after graduation. Who was there drinking with simon until 6 am ….that’s like what? round 3?

  6. that was one and only one time what… and it’s because it’s after graduation. special occasion calls for the occasional binge drinking ok? haha.. if i recall correctly u were there participating too. hmm.. does that make u an alcoholic?

  7. Georgesmarie switzerland Says:

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    I complained on and on but could never get to a person in charge. I was just shifted from one number to another, but could never get any firm and useful reply. In the end, nobody apologized nor made any comments of understanding. During the whole process, it was like if I was dealing with machines.

    Just now, July 3, 2008, we are experiencing the same kind of attitude from KLM. Plane Shanghai to Amsterdam delayed more than 6 hours. No connecting flights in Amsterdam. So, not only have we to travel twice to Geneva to pick up our daughter but the service of rebooking in Amsterdam is totally insufficient. Our teenager daughter need a proper escort from the airport to the hotel and back, but KLM just don’t provide this assistance nor any other alternative. Long calls to the various KLM “customer services” do not make any changes. KLM don’t take any responsibility for the huge delays and the consequences due to these delays.


  8. VJ Says:

    your blog is like the 2nd in list when google for “spa near midvalley”

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