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This is the place to be if you have a weird obsession just like mine – Bert from Sesame Street, likes everything Japanese & TVB movie serials, love to travel, eat and not forgetting – bitch!

Wish List February 29, 2008

What I want in 2008:

The Sony cam endorsed by Rynn Lin Yu Zhong (if all my ‘friends’ who read this can donate RM1 to my Maybank account, by the 1300th reader, I would be able to purchase my camera..ke ke ke)

Enough money to shop in Tokyo and Hong Kong

Share market to go up, up, up

Watch Nicholas Teo’s first ever concert in Malaysia

Buy 1 branded bag this year

Resolutions in 2008:

PRIORITY To maintain a weight of 45kg – not too much to ask for right considering I’m 5ft 3

Be less lazy

Be more organized to avoid more nagging

Be more IT savvy

Continue my blog, don’t be ‘half pail of water’

Pass all exams I intend to take

..MORE THAN 1/2 year has just flown past in 2008..today is July 12, 2008

what have i achieved so far? A quick recap of what has happened for the first half

-bought my camera, not the Sony but the IXUS 80IS

-bought my Burberry Bag and a Coach Wallet

-Gone to Hong Kong and come back broke

-Passed my Certified Internal Auditor and Japanese External (JLPT) exam

-travelled to two entirely new places for work i.e. Manila and Jakarta

What have I so miserably failed in?

-keeping my weight back down to 45kg

-save more money

-gone to some really nice beach resorts.  My job training in Nusa Dua, Bali, in January 2008 does not count.  I STILL want to go to Krabi!


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